7 A.M.

7 A.M.
Director: Renee Ruben
Camera-Operator & Co-Writer: Wouter Massink
Shot onRed One, Zeiss Compact Primes CP .2

7 A.M. tells the story of Kay (Sigrid ten Napel), a young student who wants to spend her time partying, while her, already working, boyfriend Charlie (Gert Winckelmans) wants to start planning the future.
A sudden change in the life of Kay makes her evaluate her life and her relationship.

- 31st edition of the European Film Festival of Lille, France (April 2015)
- EIDÔLON Philosophical Film Festival, Liévin France (April 2015)
- Durham Film Festival, England (February 2015)
- Student Cuts Film Festival
- Student Art Festival

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