Showreel 2016

Showreel Wouter Massink
A short overview of my previous work.
- Videography
- Directing
- Editing
- Corporate Videos
- Social Videos
- Documentaries
- Aftermovies
- Television
- Videoclips
- Short Films

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Awards & Nominations

- 12th Young Creation Video-Cinema 2016
Screening of nine short films that convey the latest movement of today’s artistic creation.
Link to festival and film:

- 5th Life Sciences Film Festival 2015
International Festival of Documentary Films on Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Sustainable Development in Prague.
Link to festival and film:

- Actua-Talent 2014
A yearly Belgian competition for the best journalistic student graduation films.

- European Summer Film School 2014
A group of the best international film students were invited to attend a one week masterclass by Prof. Alan Ereira in Belgrade.