Wouter Massink

About Me

Profile: Professional ‘All-In-One’ Audiovisual Freelancer
Education: Bachelor Audiovisual Techniques at Narafi Brussels (Cum Laude,2014)
Currently in: Belgium // The Netherlands
As: Videographer // Editor // Director

Experience with:
Camera: Red Epic, Red One, Arri Alexa, FS7, F55, F3, C100, FS100, FS700, XDCAM, HDCAM, Aaton XTR Prod, Grass Valley Cameras and various DSLRs.
Audio: Various SQN mixers, Sound Devices mixers & recorders, Tascam and Zoom mixers & recorders, various Lavaliers and Shotgun Microphones. 
Editing: Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere CC.
Post-Production: DaVinci Resolve 11, Apple Color, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom.
Others: Lighting, Grip, Grant writing, Creative writing, Live multicam editing, Photography.

Clients: VRT, TVbastards, BBDO, TBWA, BBC, Eyeworks, Invisible Pictures, Studio 100, Warner Music BE, Johfrah.be,
Go-Media, Sylvester Productions, Jeunesses Musicales international, European Trade Union Committee for Education, OCTA Innovation, Wenneker.be, Bonzai Records, Firma Beatmuziek, Protos NGO and many more.

Awards & Nominations

- Cortodino International Short Film Festival 2016
An international shot film festival in Napoli.
Link to festival: http://www.cortodino.it/

- 12th Young Creation Video-Cinema 2016
Screening of nine short films that convey the latest movement of today’s artistic creation.
Link to festival and film: http://art4eu.net/node/449?language=en

- 5th Life Sciences Film Festival 2015
International Festival of Documentary Films on Natural and Agricultural Sciences and Sustainable Development in Prague.
Link to festival and film: http://lsff.cz/filmy/rwanda-source-of-prosperity/?lang=en

- Actua-Talent 2014
A yearly Belgian competition for the best journalistic student graduation films.
Link: http://www.actua.tv/actua-talent-de-dorpelingen-van-damocles-wouter-massink-narafi

- European Summer Film School 2014
A group of the best international film students were invited to attend a one week masterclass by Prof. Alan Ereira in Belgrade.

Full HD and 4K DSLR camera kit
Full Adobe editing suite
Audio-recording kit

Dutch: Native proficiency
English: Full professional proficiency
German: Limited working proficiency
French: Elementary proficiency